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Greetings from the President

President  Masahiro Endo
As a pharmaceutical manufacturer with comprehensive facilities, we are fully committed to further development in order to respond to national health care needs.

Over recent years, many outstanding medical developments have taken place, thanks in large part to advances in leading-edge technology and information systems. We can certainly say that pharmaceutical products have played a major role in this development.

Since the companyfs establisvhment, Yoshida Pharmaceutical, as a "manufacturer specializing in pharmacopoeial products," has aimed at stringent quality control standards and reliable supply of products. Accordingly, we have invested heavily in personnel and facilities and focused our energies on expansion of the production and sales systems for ethical pharmaceuticals.

Recognizing the critical importance of hospital infection control in modern medicine, we have focused on the needs for high-quality disinfectants and antiseptics and developed a variety of products in this field, while continuing to expand our operations relating to pharmacopoeial products. We have also been working to improve magnesium oxide preparations, which have been widely used as laxatives down through the ages, thereby contributing to improved drug compliance.

We aim at sustained development and concentrate our efforts on developing and supplying basic pharmaceutical products in order to satisfy core national healthcare medicinal demands.

President@Masahiro Endo